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Nike Free Run BarefootThe beer for charity movement, like the microbrew phenomenon that preceded it, is different depending on where you look. In Houston, for example, where a group of giving minded bar owners opened a place called the Okra Charity Saloon last month, patrons get a vote with every drink as to which charity should receive the next month's profits. A project in Melbourne, Australia, plans to put geography into the equation sale of a beer from Africa, for example, will be linked to microloans or charities in the country of the beer's origin.. We not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them," Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo said on Twitter.Kenya Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the evacuation of hostages had gone "very, very well" and that Kenyan officials were "very certain" that few if any hostages were left in the building.But with the mall cordoned off and under heavy security it was not possible to independently verify the assertions. Similar claims of a quick resolution were made by Kenyan officials on Sunday and the siege continued. Eleven Kenyan soldiers were wounded in the running gun battles.Somalia al Qaeda linked rebel group, al Shabab, which claimed responsibility for the attack, said the hostage takers were well armed and ready to take on the Kenyan forces.An al Shabab spokesman, Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, said in an audio file posted on a militant website that the attackers had been ordered to "take punitive action against the hostages" if force was used to try to rescue them.The attackers have lots of ammunition, the militant group said in a Twitter feed, adding that Kenya government would be responsible for any loss of hostages lives.A Western security official in Nairobi who insisted on not being named to share information about the rescue operation said the only reason the siege hadn yet ended would be because hostages were still inside.Westgate mall, a vast complex with multiple banks that have secure vaults and bulletproof glass partitions, as well as a casino, is difficult to take, the official said. Lastly, a quick industry analysis. The global retail industry is in different stages based on economic development and cultural affluences. In the North American region, there is a significant shock in the retail market leading to store closures and bankruptcies. "The idea behind this initiative is to create a ripple effect, starting with social media, to set a digital chain that goes beyond simply delivering the ad message. We did use the tool of influencers and better known athletes to seed the voice. With friends in media, we are confident about widening the reach through radio, print and television," adds Wyk..

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