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Nike Flyknit AmazonCHRIS: TONIGHT WE DID TRY TO REACH OUT TO THE TWO RESIDENTS WHO FOUND AND ASSISTED THE BABY , BUT WE ARE TOLD THEY OUT OF TOWN TODAY. DETECTIVES AGAIN HAVE NOT MADE ANY PROGRESS FINDING WITNESSES. YOU CAN CALL 800 423 TIPS IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION AND IF YOU CAN HELP DETECTIVES.. The 10 mile traffic backup at this weekend's Tough Mudder contest was a tough ding to Southwest Florida's growing field of sports tourism.Though officials pledged to address congestion in the future, the weekend's traffic problem highlighted a logistical issue that could sully the region's near sterling reputation as a locale for hosting events with huge numbers of participants.Tough Mudder officials say they are unsure whether they will be back.Tourism officials blamed an untried venue for the traffic problems, and pledged to address access going forward."This was the first time we've had an event this big at Hi Hat Ranch," said Virginia Haley, president of Visit Sarasota County, the area's tourism agency."This kind of event draws a young professional demographic, which we've always talked about trying to bring to Sarasota," Haley said. "We're hoping that if and when these people do come back, we'll have worked out the issues to ensure better traffic flow."The mud on the Tough Mudder event comes as sports tourism has become big business in Southwest Florida.Tourists that came for sporting events spent nearly $62 million in Sarasota County last year. There were 61 sporting events held in the county last year. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.The global sports footwear market is strongly competitive with the presence of numerous brands. There are distinct types of sports footwear based on different purposes such as athleisure, running shoes, court game shoes, cleats, gym and training shoes, and other sports footwear such as hiking shoes, aerobics shoes, golf shoes, and cricket shoes. Athleisure footwear is gaining popularity among consumer worldwide.According to the report, one of the major drivers for this market is Product innovation leading to category premiumization. Condom, who has been picking through debris under the boxcar, strides over, holding out a bag fashioned from paper used to wrap cigars laced with marijuana or crushed crack rocks. "Tell her I found her stash," he says. He holds the bag open to show a pile of red plastic squares: a dozen tiny packets of crack.. A giant mural that was featured in Times Square, painted on board panels, features the voluptuous curves of Latina and black women. A black man is posed like a 17th century nobleman, wreathed in a fur trimmed silver parka and holding a single red rose. A gorgeous black woman, encrusted in rhinestones, reclines in ecstasy on a wildly embroidered sofa.

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