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Nike Downshifter 6 Boys

Nike Downshifter 6 BoysLess than 40 degrees but more than 30 degrees: Lightweight tights or pants, long sleeve jersey, nylon shell or fleece with a zipper, so you can unzip it after you warm up, lightweight gloves, headband that will probably come off after warming up.Less than 30 degrees but more than 20 degrees: Lightweight to medium weight tights or pants, long sleeve shirt, nylon shell or fleece pullover, mittens for hands, headband.Less than 20 degrees but more than 10 degrees: Medium weight tights or pants, may add a base layer, long sleeve shirt or light fleece pullover, jacket, mittens for hands, headband or hat.Less than 10 degrees but more than 0 degrees: Medium weight to heavyweight tights or pants or lightweight pants with a Nike Downshifter 6 Boys

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