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2017 Nike Running ShoesYou imagine that any new British heavyweight world champion other than Tyson Fury would have been on the BBC's excellent Sportsweek programme yesterday. He's unpredictable. Our village Styal, in south Manchester is the one where Fury grew up and even in those early years you always trod with trepidation where that family was concerned. In Oscar Arguella's office, Amelia has arrived to share the news of the hacked photos. Understandably, the GM is upset that his star rookie is involved in yet another off the field controversy. After throwing some jabs at each other, Amelia and Oscar agree that their focus should be on protecting Ginny, not assigning blame about this incident.. He cited Pepsi's use of singer Michael Jackson until damaging claims about his sex life came to light. "With Jamie Oliver and Tiger Woods, (the revelations) might not necessarily be bad for business, but it just looks silly. You would expect Jamie Oliver to go to Sainsbury's." In the world of celebrity endorsement, some associations look unlikely, such as Ivana Trump's endorsement of Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the advertising by comedian Jim Davidson, who recently signed a 3.5m two year deal with the BBC, of a car finance company, under the slogan: "Need a car but can't get credit?". Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe wrote on Twitter: am very disappointed to hear this news. I don believe it truly reflects the core values of the Nike that I am proud to represent, nor the integrity and the ideals of the people I work with on a daily basis. Gay, the three time world champion, was dropped by Adidas after testing positive for a banned substance in 2012, but will now compete in Nike attire after he started working with Nike sponsored coach John Smith.. Ever since Runner Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was shot dead in his Pretoria home last week, South African papers have printed lurid details of the killing which, if true, pose major challenges to the Paralympic star defence team, experts say.Initial reports of the shooting in the early hours of Thursday suggested Pistorius, 26, a double amputee who became one of the biggest names in world athletics, may have mistaken law graduate and model Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder.A statement released by his family dismissed the charge of murder laid on Friday in strongest terms His bail hearing resumes in a Pretoria magistrate court on Tuesday.Within hours of the shooting, police confirmed that Steenkamp had been killed by more than one gunshot, that Pistorius was the only suspect, that neighbours had heard earlier disturbances, that there were no signs of a break in and that a 9mm pistol had been recovered from the two storey home.Since then, police have released no more details.The same cannot be said of the South African media, part of a global publicity machine that built up Pistorius into the ultimate sporting tale of triumph over adversity a man who rose to the pinnacle of world athletics, racing at the Olympics despite having no lower legs.Some of the most widely reported local media allegations are that Steenkamp was in the bathroom when she was shot, was hit by four rounds in the head, hand, hip and chest and that shots were fired through the bathroom door.In addition, leading Sunday newspaper City Press said investigators had found a blood stained cricket bat in Pistorius bedroom. The paper said police had not yet worked out whose blood it was, but said Steenkamp head was newspaper also alleged that Steenkamp, who will be buried on Tuesday, had slept in the same bed as Pistorius that night Valentine Day eve and that her iPad was on the bedroom floor along with an overnight bag. On the previous evening.Police have declined to comment on any of the reports, saying official details will only emerge in court.However, the allegations if true undermine the legal argument of self defence, as well as the suggestion that Pistorius was taken by surprise by a would be stranger in his house in the middle of the night.what the media says is in fact the truth, I cannot see that any defence based on self defence can, by any stretch of the imagination, succeed, said Eddie Classen, a partner at BDK Attorneys, one of South Africa biggest criminal defence firms.Is roid rage a believable defence?RAGE the white minority rule that ended in 1994, South Africa had relatively lax curbs on the use of lethal force, not only in self defence but also in making arrests.

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